How to unclog the toilet with a drain snake

How to unclog the toilet with a drain snake

by PopuloTools on April 28, 2022 Categories: BLOGS
  1. Tools Required

Before unclogging the toilet, you need to prepare a pipe which is 20 inches long and diameter of 1 inch, a pair of rubber gloves and 20V electric drain auger.


  1. Project Step by Step

Insert the pipe into the drain as close as possible so that the cable could get into the drain with a right angle. Then the cable could go through the S-bend of the toilet that would cost one or two minutes.Finally the cable would cross the plumbing of the toilet and reach the drain. Then you could pull back the cable and you clear the clog successfully.


  1. Demonstrate a real clog

We would like to demonstrate the process of unclogging the drain. Start with placing the pipes, one advice to you is to hold the drain auger within four inches of the drain and manually feed the snake into the pipe. Switch to the position of “F” to advance the cable. If you feel the pressure, you could retract the cable then go forward and repeat several times to either break up or pull out the clog.


  1. Take out the big clog

The spiral in the front of the snake could catch large obstructions so that you need to set the front operation handle on the position of “R” to take out the clog. You've successfully cleared the clog of the toilet easily that has been bothering you for a long time.





  1. Clean up

The next step is make sure you clean the cable after each use and you could retract the cable. It is easy to learn how to use a drain auger to unclog the toilet. 

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