25FT Cordless Electric Drain Auger for Multi-Scenario Use(PCA-G2)

by PopuloTools on March 22, 2024 Categories: BLOGS

  • ✭Multi-purpose Clog Remover:This 20V cordless lithium-powered drain cleaner features an automatic feed and retract flexible shaft that effortlessly navigates through drainage pipes,moving forward and backward automatically.It easily breaks down or removes blockages,offering a simple solution to clogs in your toilet,bathroom,kitchen sink,and floor drain.
  • ✭Upgraded Toilet Snake:This tool features all-in-one design with an added detachable extension tube specifically crafted for unclogging toilets.This addition aids in preventing any damage to the toilet bowl during the unclogging process.For other scenarios,the tool can be used directly without the extension pole,capable of clearing pipes ranging from 3/4 to 2” in diameter.
  • ✭Function of the Flexible Cable:The drain snake toilet clog remover uses a 25 FT (1/4") long flexible anti-torsion cable, which can smoothly pass through the P-type trap and clear the pipe (3/4"-2") - Ideal for severe clogs or slow-draining situations. Easily resolve clogs without the need for a professional, saving time and money. The 25FT Spiral toilet auger not only unclogs drains quickly but also helps prevent future clogs.
  • ✭Optimize Your User Experience:When using our drain auger,you can scan the QR code present on the machine to view tutorial videos we offer.This is designed to help you use our product more efficiently and enhance your operational experience.Moreover,we provide easily replaceable components.Our flexible shafts and battery packs,which are crucial for the device's functioning,are readily available for purchase on Amazon.You can place your order directly or contact us.
  • ✭Lithium-ion 20V Max and Variable Speed - 2.0AH battery provides longer runtime.Cordless sink drain snake design allows for freedom of movement without being restricted by wires.The battery level indicator makes it easy to check the remaining power and know when to recharge.The speed of the unclogging machine is adjustable! You can freely adjust the speed to suit different projects,reaching a maximum speed of 560 rpm by applying varying force on the switch.